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December 6, 2011



Governmental Affairs Policy Statements


2012 Action Plan:


Policy Statements:


  1. In an effort to serve the needs of the appraiser community in Mississippi, MSCAPP shall engage in a variety of activities as from time to time its Board of Directors deems appropriate to advance those appraiser interests of merit, both at the local, state, or federal level. The primary committee responsible for coordination of these efforts is the Governmental Affairs Committee.


  1. MSCAPP supports the current statutory principle that, as a special fund state agency, the MREC and its two subsidiary boards, the MAB and the MHIB, should be fully supported by license and registration fees paid on an equitable “fair share” basis by all parties, including appraisers, AMC’s, BPO companies, brokers, agents, or home inspectors, or any other regulated group, coming under the domain of the agency’s regulatory authority and not by taxation of the general public.


  1. MSCAPP supports efficiency and economy in government at all levels, full public disclosure of agency financial and business conduct, and accountability to the appraisal community and the general public for wise expenditure of public funds.


  1. MSCAPP supports the principle that the appraisal industry is able to self regulate in a responsible manner consistent with the need to protect the public interest. MSCAPP believes the appraisal community deserves and must have meaningful, effective, and responsive representation at the governmental regulatory level via appraiser members holding a majority on the directing body of any agency regulating appraisers or appraisal services.   MSCAPP believes that regulatory agency staff must also possess sufficient appraisal experience and qualifications for the positions they hold and, to the extent possible, be free from conflicts of interest.


  1. MSCAPP believes appraisers serve an important function in society and their role deserves to be protected by the regulatory agencies from detrimental and self serving practices within the market place which may undermine the long term stability of the appraisal profession.



Accordingly, consistent with the above policy statements, MSCAPP will strive to implement the following Action Plan for 2012.



2012 Action Plan:


  1. MSCAPP shall monitor meetings and activities of the MAB primarily, and other boards or commissions secondarily, to remain aware of actions and issues arising which may impact the appraisal community. MSCAPP may offer input to these agencies, when appropriate, regarding appraisal industry concerns. MSCAPP may also communicate information to its membership periodically regarding the actions of these agencies.


  1. To foster achievement of its legislative and other goals, MSCAPP may engage a lobbyist or undertake other activities, such as operate a political action fund, designed to enhance the achievement of its objectives.


  1. MSCAPP may support or take other appropriate actions related to nominees or candidates for MAB and other agency board member or agency staff positions which may from time to time arise which it deems are beneficial to the interests of the appraisal community.


  1. MSCAPP will support corrective amendments to the not yet implemented AMC bill which will:


  1. Correct typo errors in the original bill to provide for a one (1) year AMC registration period instead of a two year period.
  2. Raise the AMC registration fee to at least $2,500 per year or an amount commensurate with the anticipated costs of administration and consistent with registration fees at the national level in other states.
  3. Stipulate the increased AMC registration fees are to be effective immediately upon passage.
  4. Defer registration of any AMC until the new fees are effective.
  5. Require a surety bond to insure payment of appraisal fees to appraisers.


  1. MSCAPP will support an amendment to the current appraisal license fee statue which:
    1. Raises the statutory cap up to $425 but allows the MAB to determine any proposed license fee increase as needed but with a 30 day public notice and comment period required.
    2. Stipulates any fee increase proposed for any form of licensure or registration fee must be justified in writing with adequate supporting financial data, projections, and proposed budget revenues and expenditures also stated for the applicable time period for which the fee increase is proposed.
    3. Allows for the evaluation of the amount of revenue raised by AMC registration during one full calendar year, which is currently unknown, PRIOR TO any action being taken to raise appraiser license fees. Thus, implementation of any new appraiser license fee increase would not become effective any sooner than for the FY 2014 fiscal year.


  1. MSCAPP will support amendment of the current contractor lien statue which:
    1. Allows for liens to be placed against real property for real estate commissions, if appraisal fees are also included.


  1. MSCAPP will initiate study of possible amendment to the BPO bill to require registration and regulation of all BPO companies doing business in the State of Mississippi.


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