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A group of concerned appraisers met January 2010 to discuss the BPO legislation that was flying through the State Capitol and, during that meeting, the need for a statewide appraisal organization became very evident. We needed appraisers united, informed and on the same page when it came to state legislation. We realized we needed a grassroots network of appraisers who could explain to their local legislators the pros and cons of bills that were being considered at the Capitol. We also knew that our industry needed professional assistance in the form of a lobbyist at the State Capitol.


We also realized that a network of appraisers would be very beneficial to each other through forum discussions and educational offerings on the complex laws and regulations governing our industry.  Very Importantly, we needed a Voice here in Mississippi for the appraisal industry.


In September 2010, appraisers from around the State met again in Jackson. This time, the goal was to start the process of forming a statewide Coalition. On December 6, 2010, the group met again and The Mississippi Coalition of Appraisers (MSCAPP) was born.


Who Are We? We are Appraisers in the State of Mississippi.




President - Rick Adams, Columbus

Vice-President - Jessie McNeil, Brandon

Secretary - Pamela Roberson, Oxford

Treasurer - Shelton Bounds, Treasurer




Congressional District 1            Vacant - 2019-2020

                                                   Bill Anton, Southaven -  2020 THRU 2021

Congressional District 2              Kenneth Williams -  2019 THRU 2020

                                                    Kenny Adcock, Clinton - 2020 THRU 2021

Congressional District 3             John Newell, Madison – 2019 THRU 2020

                                                   Wally Cummins, Brandon - 2020 THRU 2021

Congressional District 4             Steve Brenner, Biloxi – 2019 THRU 2020

                                                    Nick Crutcher, Hattiesburg – 2020 thru 2021

At-Large                                      Jim Conerly, Ridgeland – 2019 THRU 2020

                                                    Patrick Floyd, Brandon – 2020 THRU 2021

                                                    Bob Morrow, Brandon - 2019 THRU 2020

Immediate Past-President           Paul Hardin, Madison 

Executive Director                       Jean McCarty, Ridgeland


For more information see our Mission Statement.

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